Why Did Urban Outfitters Just Apply for a Liquor License?

by William White | September 16, 2013 11:27 am

Urban Outfitters[1]An Urban Outfitters (URBN[2]) that is under construction in Brooklyn, N.Y. has applied for a liquor license[3].

The liquor license application is pending before Community Board 1. Urban Outfitters has yet to reveal why the store applied for a license. There have been 106 applications for liquor licenses turned into the board this month.  Chris Olechowski, Chairman of Community Board 1, says that the number isn’t surprising, but that it isn’t welcome. He claims that with more bars opening in the area the noise will likely get worse. The board’s liquor authority review committee will hear from applicants on Oct. 3, but the state will determine whether or not to grant applicants a license, reports The New York Daily News.

Offering alcohol at a clothing shop isn’t a new idea[4]. Lost Boys, a clothing shop in Washington, D.C., offers shoppers free beers in hopes that they’ll spend more money. Kesner, an upscale New York clothing shop, has a full bar located by its fitting rooms.

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