World’s Smallest Dog Is Under 4 Inches Tall

by Karl Utermohlen | September 13, 2013 11:58 am

Guinness World Records has found the smallest dog in the world in height in Miracle Milly, a brown Chihuahua that lives in Puerto Rico.

The Associated Press reports that the 2-year-old dog[1] stands in at 3.8 inches when measured from backbone to paw. Miracle Milly took the title from Kentucky’s Boo Boo, a 4-inch tall Chihuahua. The Puerto Rican dog is also the second smallest dog in length behind Florida’s Heaven Sent Brandy, a 6-inch long Chihuahua.

Miracle Milly is said to have a great personality that resembles a human and she likes to pose for cameras by sticking her tongue out. She only eats food cooked by humans such as chicken and salmon and she likes to play with plants. The dog sleeps in a human crib and her owners get her a new toy to play with on a weekly basis.

  1. The Associated Press reports that the 2-year-old dog:

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