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33-Year-Old Man Spends $100K to Look Like Justin Bieber

The man spent his whole life saving to look like Justin Bieber


A 33-year-old man has spent his life savings to look like Justin Bieber.

Toby Sheldon, called Toby Bieber by his friends, has spent the last five years and $100,000 to look like Bieber. Sheldon claims that once Bieber rose to fame, his picture was everywhere and that he wanted to look like the pop star. Sheldon has undergone expensive surgeries, including multiple plastic surgeries, Botox and Aquamid injections and hair transplants to look like his idol. He has also undergone a chin reduction, eyelid surgery and a smile surgery. The smile surgery, which is the most recent, was meant to make Sheldon’s smile look like Justin’s. The procedure set him back $15,000 and he took a month to recover from it. After having the eyelid surgery, he was unable to open his eyes for a week, reports Time.

“I didn’t necessarily listen to his music or fawn over him as a celebrity, but his face was just so flawless every change I made was modeled after him,” Sheldon told The New York Daily News.

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