The 5 Best Islands to Visit in the World

by Burke Speaker | October 22, 2013 10:12 am

Readers of Conde Nast Traveler [1]have ranked the world’s top islands — and spanning the globe they are some of the most spectacular places you’ll ever want to go.

To give you a glimpse into your next vacation destination, we’re showcasing the Top 5 best islands to visit out of their ranking of 25.

The islands were ranked by readers during their annual survey.

Check them out here. (the full list can be found at its website here[2])

#5: Bora Bora[3] (French Polynesia)

Spend the day lazily laying in the white sand, staring at gorgeous views and knowing that you’re in a near paradise.

A tropical adventure awaits with a host of activities such as snorkeling, exploring the islands and fishing — and the bungalows are so rustic and private you’ll feel as though you’ve been marooned here — which really, is not a bad thing at all.

#4: Kiawah Island[4] (South Carolina)

You know Conde Nast has a lot of Southern readers if this island makes it so high on the list — not because it doesn’t deserve the ranking, but because people in the South know a good island when they see it.

A vacation getaway that’s seemingly far from the bustle of everyday life in the U.S., this peaceful escape beckons with warm winds, great hospitality and did we mention the golf? As the magazine notes, “no other courses compare” to those of Kiawah, which played host to the 2012 PGA Championship.

#3: The Maldives [5](Indian Ocean)

We’re still scratching our head why this isn’t No. 1 on the list, but we’ll take the top three. The island nation fears rising sea levels could put its future in jeopardy, so you may want to put this one on your bucket list for sure.

Turquoise waters, perfect white beaches and oceanfront villas and cabins that bring a new level of luxury to your vacation await. The islands are literally postcard perfect, and you’ll want to stay a lifetime — or at least another trip or two.

#2: Kauai[6] (Hawaii)

With a high score from readers for great dining, friendly people and — wait for it — helicopter rides across an island that feels like Jurassic Park, this exotic locale is the perfect spot for adventure-seekers and those who want to escape from their daily lives.

There is only adventure here — or solitude and relaxation that will leave you feeling like you’ve left the world behind.

#1: Maui[7] (Hawaii)

Curious how the U.S. gets some of the world’s best? One trip to Maui and you won’t be wondering anymore. The island is a true tropical paradise, with stunning beaches, a laid-back vibe that you can’t help but embrace, and lots to see and do besides just laying out. That includes whale-watching, treks to waterfalls, and water creatures that light up local bays. Sip your fruity drink and inhale the fresh island air, and know that this is paradise at its best.


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