A Look at the Libido-Boosting Foods Used By Men in Asia

by Burke Speaker | October 4, 2013 9:49 am

Horse penis. Goat testicles. Check and check.

In Asian countries, the testicles and penis of donkey, goat, dog, bull and deer and used in foods to help men regain their sexual vigor — and customers flock back again and again, claiming that the foods do wonders.

There are even restaurants that dedicate menu space for libido-boosting foods, and one restaurant in China even has an entire menu devoted to helping men improve their sexual performance.

AFP reports [1]that deer testicles are the most popular in China — rumored to have the most potency.

But what about the taste of all these libido-boosting foods?

The bull had a familiarly beefy flavour, but with a firm texture not easy to swallow.

The neutrally flavoured donkey was dark, while the intense, meaty horse was easily the most distinctive ingredient of the meal.

The deer penis was … another rubbery offering, while the wild Russian dog had a spicy, almost zesty flavour.

In Beijing at one such restaurant, customer Wei Jingsheng, 47, will keep coming back — drinking the blood of a freshly decapitated snake to help him improve his sex life.

“It does work very well,” the businessman told the news agency[2]. “After I took it, my hair stopped falling out, and now I feel very energetic the whole day. Before, I needed to sleep at noon to not get tired, now I don’t need to. Every aspect of my life has become fantastic.”

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