Airlines: You Won’t Notice New ‘Slimline’ Seats We’re Cramming In

by William White | October 15, 2013 11:05 am

airplane_cabin_interior_empty_185_flickr[1]Airlines are telling fliers that they won’t notice the new “Slimline”[2] seats that they are cramming into planes.

Airlines are taking out old bulky seats in favor of smaller seats in an effort to cram more seats into planes. The new smaller seats allow airlines to add an additional five or six seats per plane. The new seats will allow airlines to put more paying passengers on a flight and also reduce the amount of weight on the plane. The new seats are usually about an inch closer when measured from front to back. Airlines claim that fliers won’t notice this though. Southwest Airlines’ (LUV[3]) new seats will have thinner magazine pockets on the back of the seats, Alaska Airlines’ (ALK[4]) seats will have slightly smaller tray tables and United Airlines’ (UAL[5]) will move the magazine pocket above the tray table to get it away from fliers’ knees. New seats also have less padding and lighter-weight frames to help reduce seat weight and increase passengers’ room. Alaska Airlines is also adding a 110-volt and USB power outlet at every coach seat so that passengers can charge their mobile devices while flying, reports the Associated Press.

US Airways (LCC[6]) isn’t updating the seats on its flights, but it has added four additional seats[7] to its Airbus A321. The airline has added two seats on each side of the rear exit row.

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