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Another Case of E-Cigarettes Exploding While Charging

Woman claims husband's e-cig sparked and exploded while charging


E-cigarettes may be one of the most profitable new businesses nowadays but the industry has got to be concerned over the recent explosions related to e-cigs.

Fox reports that an e-cigarette explosion occurred in Minnesota when Chris Leslie’s e-cig exploded while charging. Chris’ wife — Renae — heard the explosion at home while the e-cigarette was plugged into the computer and she jumped up. She says that the device started sparking before shooting out “like a missile” from the computer and burning part of the carpet.

Leslie bought the e-cigarette from Mike Swafford who owns E-Cig Clubhouse and he said that as far as he knows, he’s never sold a faulty e-cig. He added that the reason why these explosions happen is because people tend to overcharge these devices which causes them to overheat and explode at times.

A similar but more dangerous incident happened last week when a 3-year-old boy caught on fire due to an e-cig explosion.

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