Ashton Kutcher Is Now Product Engineer at Lenovo

by William White | October 31, 2013 11:55 am

ashton kutcher 630[1]Ashton Kutcher, announced on Tuesday[2], that he is now the product engineer at Lenovo (LNVGY[3]).

Kutcher’s announcement was accompanied by him unveiling the Lenovo Yoga, a tablet that runs off of Google’s (GOOG[4]) Android operating system. Kutcher claims that he joined up with Lenovo because he wanted to work with a company that wasn’t just making “me too” devices.  He left for Beijing on Wednesday and plans to spend the rest of the week there working with the company’s research and development team. Kutcher says that while he will be appearing in Lenovo advertising, he also plans to bring creative idea to the company. He went on to say that his first job at the company is to learn about what their working on and that it would be naive of him to walk into the company and try to apply his wishes to its product development, reports ABC News.

Kutcher isn’t the only celebrity that holds a position in a technology company. T-Mobile (TMUS[5]) hired Shakira to help them make a major announcement[6] earlier this month and BlackBerry (BBRY[7]) hired Alicia Keys as its global creative director[8] in January.

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