AT&T to Eliminate Older Data Plans

by William White | October 14, 2013 9:29 am

AT&T T[1]AT&T (T[2]) will be eliminating older data plans[3] for new customers in favor of shared data plans on October 25.

The changes to data plans won’t affect current AT&T customers. These customers will still be able to use their old data plans even when upgrading to new phones, activating new lines and adjusting their plans. The $40 plan that comes with 450 minutes, but no data or text, will still be available to those who just need a basic plan. The new shared data plans start at $50 a month for a basic phone and $70 a month for a smartphone. This plan includes unlimited talk and text and 300MB of data that can be shared. Customers can add new devices to a shared plan for an additional $10 a month and can have up to 10 devices on a single plan. Verizon (VZ[4]) has also moved on to shared data plans, but it eliminated traditional data plans altogether with the change, reports Engadget.

According to Reuters[5], AT&T is hoping that customers will be less likely to switch service providers if their phones, tablets and other devices are all connected through a single plan.

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