Man Loses 12 lbs, Lowers Cholesterol on Beer and Sausage Diet

by Burke Speaker | October 25, 2013 10:19 am

An Arizona man is touting the success of his beer and sausage diet — one that led to weight loss and lowering his cholesterol.

Fox News reports that Evo Terra began the “brew diet[1]” two years ago.

Inspired by Oktoberfest, his diet is beer and what he says are quality sausages.

In 2011, he shed 14 pounds and dropped his cholesterol by 30 percent. He’s currently doing the diet for a third time, and says he’s lost 12 pounds in the 30-day weight-loss program (via Kitchen Daily[2]).

Terra’s diet restricts his caloric intake to about 1,500 calories a day, which amounts to about two sausages (of standard bratwurst size) and five beers each day.

Terra explains to Fox News[3] that a man of his size burns about 2,100 calories, so the deficit of about 600 calories means his body “sheds away the fat.”

Terra told Fox News’ Shepard Smith that he is supervised by a doctor.

“Well, my doctor says a high fat, high alcohol, high carbohydrate diet is not the right thing to do,” Smith reacted, and then added what most American men would say when hearing this news.

“Where do I find your doctor and could I adopt him?”

Terra says he does take a multivitamin.

Watch the video on Fox News here.[4]

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