Best Cities to Visit in 2014

by Burke Speaker | October 29, 2013 10:40 am

Popular travel guidebook Lonely Planet has published its annual list of Best Places to Visit[1] and there are some great cities included that are tops to explore.

The rankings are based on in-house experts and recommendations from its many travel writers.

While some no doubt you’ve visited, the guidebook points to these cities as ones that are making their mark or ones to revisit with a new appreciation.

Check out the Top 5 Best Cities to Visit in 2014 (via Lonely Planet[2]).

#5: Zurich

Wintertime isn’t just the only great time to visit Zurich, a beautiful city that does the outdoors with the best of them. Come August, the city hosts the European Athletics Championships — which will allow a chance to see some of the best sportsmen (and women) in action in Europe.

Come for the regal architecture and great dining — with numerous funky cafes and boutiques dotting the pristine streets.

#4: Riga (Latvia)

Riga held political and cultural sway until the fall of the Iron Curtain, at which point this Latvian city all but fell off the radar — at least to the eyes of the world at large. But these days the city seeing a resurgence in popularity — thanks to its increase in fine dining, cultural events, and lively nightlife.

With stunning museums and a focus on embracing its history and culture, Riga is reclaiming its once-lofty ranking.

#3: Cape Town

South Africa’s sparking jewel by the ocean is taking on the title of World Design Capital in 2014, so now is a great time to see its natural wonders mixed in with its architectural triumphs. Recently its more barren industrial areas have been revitalized — and though there is much work to be done in other parts of the city, art sculptures and green spaces are more plentiful and speak to its wild beauty.

With nearby vineyards and a laid-back atmosphere that beckons new arrivals, Cape Town is a can’t-miss city for a new year.

#2: Trinidad (Cuba)

January marks the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Trinidad, and this seaside stunner is a great destination for the adventurers out there.

Its African roots (embedded due to the slave trade) are shown across the city, with Afro-Cuban musical beats at night and cultural events beginning in the new year aimed at celebrating its storied history.

#1: Paris (France)

Paris didn’t even make the Top 10 last year, but the City of Lights tops the list for its enduring legacy as one of the world’s best cities to explore. The guidebook touts the city’s “urban renaissance” that caters to pedestrian traffic — which allows for more easy strolling along the Seine or throughout Paris’s many breathtakingly romantic neighborhoods.

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