Big Brands (Secretly) Spending Big Bucks to Stop GMO Labeling

by William White | October 30, 2013 1:23 pm

Big brands are secretly spending[1] large amounts of money to stop products with genetically modified organisms (GMO) from being labeled as such.

Initiative 522 is a bill that would require products in Washington that contain GMOs to be labeled if it passes. 60% to 70% of Americans have eaten GMO prodcuts, such as corn with genes from a bacterium, but either don’t know what a GMO is or claim they have never eaten products made with GMOs. A recent poll has shown that over 90% of Americans feel that products made with GMOs should be labeled as such. An ad campaign, called No on 552, has been speaking out against the bill. The campaign is being funded by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Monsanto (MON[2]), DuPont (DD[3]), Dow (DOW[4]), Bayer (BAYRY[5]), BASF (BASFY[6]) and five individuals. The GMA is a group of large food companies that includes Coca-Cola (KO[7]), PepsiCo (PEP[8]), Nestle (NSRGY[9]), and General Mills (GIS[10]). The companies are using the GMA to secretly fund the No on 522 campaign. According to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, the money contributed by the GMA is “the largest amount of money ever concealed in an election,” reports PR Watch.

“We are in America. We have a right to know what we want to know about our food,” Dr. Bronner, a Harvard scientist that donated $1.7 million to the “Yes on 522” campaign, told PRNewser[11].

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