Chain Restaurant Workers Spill On Which Items They Will NEVER Eat

by Burke Speaker | October 7, 2013 10:29 am

There are horror stories about fast-food or chain restaurant menu items — for instance, what exactly goes in to the “special sauce”? But now restaurant workers are spilling and revealing which items they’d personally never eat.

And then they tell us the reasons why they won’t eat them.

The stories come from a recent Reddit thread[1] that posed the question to chain restaurant workers: “What item on the menu would you absolutely not eat and why?”

Thousands of workers who claimed to have insider knowledge discussed menu no-no’s — many pointing out individual chains and the scary, behind-the-scenes food horror stories.

Continue reviewing to see if any of your favorites made the list. (Remember that the threads on Reddit are anonymous and that each restaurant’s stories are likely to differ.)

5. Fish Sandwich at Burger King (BKC[2])

“You had four vats of oil that you cooked fries in. After about two days, the oil got too dark for fries. So we switched it over to the ones for chicken. Since it was darker, it was ok. Then that goes on for a week. After a week of massive frying. The oil is black as motor oil. At that point, it’s switched to the Fish Filet vat. That’s the only thing you cook in that vat.” (via JohnnyDollar[3])

4. Arby’s Roast Beef

“I can’t eat the roast beef after working at Arby’s. If you touch it while it’s raw you’ll never get it off your fingers” (via 45scienceandreason[4])

3. Steak Sandwich, Subway

“Having to prep it completely ruined it for me. It’s essentially a frozen meat log that you have to break apart with your bare hands,” (via equestribitch[5])

2. Wendy’s Chili (WEN[6])

“The meat comes from hamburger patties that sat on the grill too long to serve to customers. They take them and put them in a bin and then throw them in the fridge.” (via Cozmo23[7])

1. Veggie Burger, Burger King

“The Veggie burger at Burger King is delicious, but they are often cooked on the same section of the grill that meat products are cooked.” (via Nohbudy[8])

Read the full thread here.[9]

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