Consumer Reports Cuts 3 Toyota Vehicles From Recommended List

by William White | October 29, 2013 10:26 am

Toyota Camry[1]Consumer Reports has removed three[2] Toyota Motors (TM[3]) vehicles from its recommended list.

The magazine has removed Toyota’s Camry, RAV4 and Prius V from its list of recommended vehicles. Consumer Reports announced that it decided to remove these cars from its recommended list after examining results from a small overlap crash test. The small overlap crash test has 25% of a car’s front end on the driver side collide with a barrier at 40 miles an hour. The test is meant to simulate what would happen if the front corner of a car hit another car or solid object. The Camry is currently the best selling passenger car in the United States and the RAV4 is one of the more popular compact sport utilities. A Kelley Blue Book analyst says that the loss of endorsement from Consumer Reports may hurt the sales of the vehicles, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Consumer Reports doesn’t have all bad news for Toyota. The manufacturer took second place[4] in the magazine’s most reliable brand rating and its Lexus brand topped the list.

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