Disney Princess Revealed to Be Bisexual on Hit Series

by Christopher Freeburn | October 18, 2013 9:37 am

once upin a time tv[1]Viewers of Disney‘s (DIS[2]) ABC TV hit Once Upon a Time were in for something of a surprise during the show’s Oct. 14 airing[3].

The episode, which is set in a fantasy realm that includes popular characters from various Disney movies, revealed that Mulan, the princess who first appeared in a 1998 animated film, harbors romantic feelings for the beautiful Princess Aurora. Unfortunately for Mulan, the princess she had her eye on is now pregnant with a prince’s child, Business Insider notes.

Faced with that revelation, Mulan informs Princess Aurora that she is joining Robin Hood and his merry band. In the series, Mulan is played by actress Jamie Chung. Earlier this year, the series’ producers said they were open to introducing a gay or lesbian character to the show.

Portrayed as a warrior, Mulan has previously been shown as close to Prince Philip and perhaps in love with him. The recent Once Upon a Time episode has given fans reason to debate whether she is actually lesbian or bisexual.

Shares of Disney fell modestly in Friday morning trading.

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