Facebook Outage: Can’t Update Your Status? It’s Not Just You …

by Christopher Freeburn | October 21, 2013 11:17 am

facebook screen 630[1]The world’s leading social media platform was hit with a glitch[2] on Monday morning.

A number of Facebook (FB[3]) users reported that they could not update their status on the network or post comments and other content. Users received error messages advising them to “try again in a few minutes” when they tried to make changes to their profiles or post content, PC Magazine notes.

Upset and confused Facebook users quickly took to Twitter to vent frustration.

Fortunately for those who cannot live without updating their profiles continuously, the problem appeared to have been resolved by mid-morning.

In June, Facebook disclosed that a programming error had exposed private information concerning about six million users[4] to other Facebook users. The company said that the bug had been fixed and that there was no sign that anyone had exploited it for malicious purposes.

Shares of Facebook sank modestly in Monday morning trading.

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