‘Frito Pie’ Diss Angers New Mexico Locals

by Christopher Freeburn | October 2, 2013 11:00 am

frito pie[1]Celebrity chef and TV show host Anthony Bourdain has found himself in hot water over his comments about a popular dish in New Mexico[2].

After a visit to the state’s Five & Dime General Store for his CNN show Parts Unknown, Bourdain described the shop’s famed “Frito pie” as feeling like “warm crap in a bag.” He also said the concoction was more likely attributable to Texas than New Mexico, the Atlantic Wire notes.

Bourdain’s remarks caused predictable dismay from the manager of Five & Dime, who also took issue with the TV host’s comment that the pie tasted like it included Hormel (HRL[3]) canned chili.

Stun by the reaction, Bourdain has since apologized, issuing a statement saying that he “very much enjoyed” the Frito pie, which was “shockingly tasty,” despite what it felt like.

Frito Pies are made by combining PepsiCo‘s (PEP[4]) Fritos snack chips, cheddar cheese and chili. The dish is occasionally delivered inside a Fritos bag.

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