‘Game of Thrones’ Multi-Millionaire Drives Beat-Up Mazda

by William White | October 7, 2013 1:27 pm

George R.R. Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, is worth an estimated $50 million[1], but he lives a very frugal life.

Martin owns two modest sized houses that are located on the same street. Where he can be found writing his next to last novel in his A Song of Fire and Ice series, The Winds of Winter. While neither of these homes could be considered a castle, Martin does have a small castle for a mailbox. Despite making $15 million a year, Martin still drives an old beat-up Mazda that’s license plate reads GRRM. He also still likes to dine at local eateries, with Mexican and barbecue food being his favorites. Martain attends local parties and will share meals and drink with his fans. He has even invited some of his fans into his home. While Martin lives a frugal life, he doesn’t cut cost on the HBO adaptation of his book series. The first season of Game of Thrones cost about $60 million to make, reports Celebrity Net Worth.

The fourth season of Game of Thrones is currently being filmed[2] and Martin talked about some of the things fans can expect to see in the new season on Saturday. Martin specifically mentioned that he liked how well the “Purple Wedding” is being done and claimed that it will be “the wedding of the year.”

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