Google May Be Building a Huge Floating Facility

by William White | October 28, 2013 9:56 am


A structure being built on a floating barge[2] in the San Francisco Bay could be Google’s (GOOG[3]) next big project.

Last year a company started a project inside Treasure Island’s Hanger 3. The area was kept in lock-down, but the contents that were being built in Hanger 3 have been move to the floating barge. This barge could be holding a new data center that is being built by Google. Google was granted a patent in 2009 for a floating data center. The company wanted to put data centers on the water because it would be easier to cool them and it could use waves as an energy source. The structure being built on the barge is made up of shipping containers. Companies like Dell (DELL[4]), Google and Microsoft (MSFT[5]) have used modified shipping containers to store data centers in the past. A local woman who works in a cafe near Hangar 3 claims that she often serves people wearing Hanger 3 badges that pay with Google credit cards. Locals haven’t seen a Google logo in or near the hangar, but they have heard it was a Google project. The hangar and barge are both registered under a company named By and Large, reports CNET.

A similar structure[6] was seen being loaded onto a barge in Portland, Maine a couple of weeks ago. The Maine barge is is also registered to By and Large.

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