Headphone-Wearing Man Gets Hit by Freight Train, Walks Away

by William White | October 14, 2013 12:19 pm

A man who was wearing headphones was hit by a freight train[1] in Kansas when he didn’t hear it coming.

Kristopher Wenberg, 25, was walking along train tracks in Topeka on Thursday when the train hit him. The trains conductor slowed down and blew the horn to try to get Wenberg’s attention, but he failed. Wenberg got up after being hit by the train and called someone on his cellphone. He then made his way to a local hospital where he was treated for cuts on his shoulder and legs. It is against the law to walk on train tracks and Wenberg may be cited for criminal trespass, reports the Associated Press.

Wenberg was released from the hospital[2] on Friday morning. The freight train that hit him was being operated by Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

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