Home Depot Says It Will NOT Sell PlayStation 4

by Karl Utermohlen | October 11, 2013 2:11 pm

A rumor has been going around that Home Depot (HD[1]) will be selling Sony’s (SNE[2]) PlayStation 4 but the home appliances store says that this information is false.

A Gamenguide writer called Home Depot[3] after hearing about the rumor and a sales representative said that the company has no plans of selling the upcoming video game console. The rumor was the result of a Reddit thread where a user claimed to see a photo of a PlayStation 4 kiosk at Home Depot. Someone else commented saying that they have a friend who works at the store and confirmed this information. Unfortunately, it appears as if this Reddit thread was nothing more than a hoax.

The PlayStation 4 is set for a Nov. 15 release in North America and a Nov. 29 release in Europe for $399.

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