Hooters Waitress Claims She Was Fired Over Her Hair

by William White | October 24, 2013 12:49 pm

A former Hooters waitress claims she was fired[1] over the color of her hair.

Farryn Johnson was fired from a Hooters in Maryland on Aug. 23 for her “improper image.” Johnson, 25, claims that her manager told her to remove blonde highlights that she had recently put in her hair. When Johnson alerted the manager to other girls that hat their hair dyed, he reportedly told her that black people don’t have blond hair and that the highlights needed to be taken out. She claims that she couldn’t have her hair changed because she couldn’t afford it. Johnson was sent home before her shift when she showed up for work with the highlights still in her hair on Aug. 12. Johnson has filed a racial discrimination complaint against the restaurant. Hooters has denied the complaint. Maryland State Delegate Mary Washington has said that companies have the right to set grooming regulations, but that they can use them to discriminate against employees of different races, reports Newsmax.

A picture of Johnson’s dyed hair can be viewed here. [2]

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