KFC Brings Back the $10 Bucket to Lure Price-Conscious

by Burke Speaker | October 15, 2013 10:38 am

With more restaurants aiming for value-based deals, the KFC $10 bucket is returning in a move designed to rope in more customers searching for the best meal deals.

It’s the chain’s second signinficant value introduction this month, with the $19.99 Gameday Bucket[1] being made available from now through Super Bowl XLVII.

From Restaurant News:[2]

Louisville, Ky.-based KFC, a division of Louisville-based Yum! Brands Inc., last offered a $10 bucket of chicken in 2011, but that limited-time offer applied only to Saturdays. Chief marketing officer Jason Marker said in a statement that offering the $10 Weekend Bucket on Saturdays and Sundays, combined with the recent launch of the $2.49 Go Cup[3], would enhance KFC’s appeal to price-conscious customers.

The $10 bucket includes 10 pieces of chicken, and selection includes KFC’s Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken or Original Recipe Boneless varieties.

However, the bucket only will be available Saturday and Sunday through Nov. 24.

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