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LEGO People to Outnumber Real People Within 6 Years

There will be about 8B Lego figurines by 2019


Lego figurines have been around since 1978 and it appears that they will outnumber the amount of human beings on Earth by 2019.

Daily Mail reports that a physics graduate from Massachusetts calculated the expected human population and the expected Lego population by 2019 and they will both have about 8 billion according to his calculations. Lego had four billion miniature figurines at the end of 2006 but these numbers are rising quickly and they are expected to surpass human beings soon. In 2008, the company said that it had produced over 400 billion individual bricks since 1978 which would outnumber human beings 62 to 1.

When Legos first started out, they had no racial features and it was up to the child’s imagination to decide who they were. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different types of brick figurines that include people of all races and popular fictional characters like Harry Potter.

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