Man With 42 Dalmatians Faces Risk of Eviction

by William White | October 9, 2013 1:10 pm

Nelson Vergara, a man that lives in Chile, has 42 Dalmatians[1] living in his backyard.

Vergara, 55, decided to start taking care of stray dogs after watching Disney’s (DIS[2]) 101 Dalmatians. Vergara is currently being threatened to be evicted from his house by end of the month The threat comes from municipal officials, who claim that Vergara’s neighbors constantly complain about the smell coming from his backyard. Vergara claims that he is only trying to set an example so that other Chileans will start to take care of stray dogs, which number in the millions in the country. Vergara is unemployed and some of the animals that he has rescued suffer from malnutrition. He mostly feeds the dogs with donations. Vergara’s love for Dalmatians even has him driving a white van that has black spots on it. Many people refer to Vergara as the ” Dalmatian Man”, reports the Associated Press.

While Vergara claims that his actions are meant to set an example, it’s possible that he may have a mental disorder that is causing him to hoard the animals.


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