McDonald’s Taken to Task Over Ronald McDonald House

by William White | October 30, 2013 1:54 pm

04_05_11---McDonalds_web[1]McDonald’s (MCD[2]) is being taken to task[3] over its association with the Ronald McDonald House

A report, called Clowning Around with Charity: How McDonald’s Exploits Philanthropy and Targets Children, claims that McDonald’s uses the charity as a way to promote is food sales without giving much to it. According to the report, the Ronald McDonald House receives less than 25% of its money from McDonald’s on a global scale. When looked at from the local level, the Ronald McDonald House gets less than 10% of its money from McDonald’s. The report also claims that customers give up to 1.5 times more to the charity than what the fast-food chain does. The report doesn’t claim that McDonald’s is doing anything illegal, but it does say that the company should rename the charity and remove Ronald McDonald as its mascot. McDonald’s says that it won’t be taking either of these actions and that the report is a “self-serving and biased document,” reports USA Today.

The full report made against McDonald’s associating itself with the Ronald McDonald House can be read here[4].

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