Mexican Woman Forced to Give Birth on Medical Clinic Lawn

by Christopher Freeburn | October 11, 2013 11:08 am

mexico flag 630[1]On Wednesday, authorities in the Mexican state of Oaxaca suspended the director of a local medical center after a photograph of a woman giving birth outside facility[2] sparked outrage across the country.

Irma Lopez claims she went to the center on Oct. 2, but that staff refused to treat her, saying she was just eight months pregnant. Told she would have to wait until the next morning to see a doctor, Lopez went outside and gave birth to her third child, a boy. A photo of the event was passed to a local tabloid reporter and promptly went viral online, the Associated Press notes.

Lopez claims that she and her husband had to walk for more than an hour just to get to the clinic. A member of an indigenous group, she lives in a one-bedroom home high in the local mountains.

Activists in Mexico say that the incident highlights discrimination faced by peoples of indigenous origin in the country. Mexico has a high rate of mortality for women during child birth, but particularly for women of indigenous ethnicity.

Federal authorities and human rights organizations say they are investigating the incident.

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