Microsoft Reportedly Jumping Into the ‘Google Glass’ Game

by William White | October 23, 2013 11:45 am

Microsoft (MSFT[1]) is testing prototypes[2] of wearable technology similar to Google’s (GOOG[3]) Glass.

A person who is familiar with the matter, claims that Microsoft has ordered parts from Asia to use in the prototypes. The parts ordered include cameras that would be used on a glasses-like device. The company has been moving from one that solely developed software to one that deals in hardware as well. Microsoft’s ventures in to hardware include its Surface tablets as well as a smartwatch that is currently being tested. Samsung (SSNLF[4]) released the first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, earlier this year. Microsoft currently has 78 U.S. patents that are related to wearable technology and has 94 published pending applications as of earlier this month, reports The Wall Street Journal.

HTC (HTCKF[5]), which manufactures smartphones, is also reportedly working on wearable technology[6]. The company is said to be working on a smartwatch that will use Google’s Android operating system.

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