Mom Gives Birth in McDonald’s Bathroom, Names Baby …

by Christopher Freeburn | October 16, 2013 12:21 pm

mcdonalds store 630[1]When 20-year-old Shardonnay Hill stopped by a Lake Wales, Florida, McDonald’s (MCD[2]) on the way to a doctor’s appointment, she didn’t expect she’d leave the restaurant with a newborn son[3].

But the woman went into labor insider burger outlet’s bathroom, with staff taking instructions from a 911 operator after the baby didn’t appear to move or draw breath. Fortunately, the baby began to breathe as paramedics reached the restaurant, the Daily Mail notes.

Only six months pregnant, Hill had entered the restaurant hoping to use the bathroom while her grandmother purchased coffee. After she alerted restaurant staff that something was wrong, they spread cardboard on the bathroom floor and dialed 911.

The baby will be officially named Joshua Murray on his birth certificate, but Hill’s aunt says the family will call him Ronald, as a tribute to his mother’s favorite restaurant.

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