NFL Coach Denies Banning Players From Having Sex

by Christopher Freeburn | October 18, 2013 11:16 am

Jets Meadowlands Stadium[1]The coach of the National Football League’s (NFL) New York Jets wants you to know that he did not tell his players to abstain from intimate relations[2].

On Thursday, Rex Ryan shot down reports that he told players not to have sex at a team meeting earlier this week. “Somebody misinterpreted the message,” Ryan commented. On Wednesday, a player was quoted in a New York newspaper saying that Ryan had “most definitely” meant for players to abstain from sex when he told them to take it easy in advance of an upcoming game, the Associated Press noted.

That player now claims he was joking. He said that Ryan just wants the team to take their next game seriously since it will have consequences for their division standing.

Other players said that Ryan had told players not to do chores of “anything for your wife” until next week. But Ryan said he would definitely be doing chores around his own house, “I took out the trash and everything,” he noted.

The Jets are currently ranked third in the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC) East division with a 3-3 record so far for the season.

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