Not Another Zombie!! 2013’s Halloween Costumes to Avoid

by William White | October 3, 2013 2:02 pm

Mashable[1] has collected a list of the top 10 most searched Halloween costumes from Yahoo (YHOO[2]). Those who don’t want to end up wearing the same costume as someone else should avoid these costume ideas.

  1. Duck Dynasty – The costumes are easy to make and the A&E reality show is widely popular, which means that there will likely be plenty of people running around in these costumes.
  2. Zombies – Zombies have been all hogging the media for the last few years, which means that a zombie costume likely won’t be original at all.
  3. Despicable Me – Almost everyone seems to love the Minions in Despicable Me, which means there will likely be plenty dressed up as them this Halloween.
  4. Star Wars Star Wars costumes are almost always popular, which means that it’s likely loads of people will be wearing them.
  5. Vampires – Vampires and Halloween go hand in hand, so don’t expect to be the only one out there wearing this costume.
  6. Flappers – Flappers are still a hot costume to wear during Halloween
  7. Nicki Minaj – Dressing up as celebrities can be hard to do, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to look like Nicki Minaj.
  8. The Hunger Games – Catching Fire is set to come out in November, which means these costumes are a hot pick.
  9. Hello Kitty – The franchise is still popular. So much so that a Hello Kitty jet[3] recently showed up in America.
  10. Dominatrix – Tight leather is still a popular trend for a Halloween costume.

To read the full article on the top 10 Halloween costumes being searched, click here[4].

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