PHOTO: Onlookers Horrified as Woman Gets Stuck on Rising Drawbridge

by William White | October 15, 2013 12:54 pm

A Florida woman, who had taken part of a breast cancer awareness walk earlier in the day, was trapped when a drawbridge she was walking across raised her more than 20 feet in the air[1].

Wanda McGowan was walking across the railroad bridge when it began to lift her into the air. The bridge isn’t meant to be crossed by pedestrians and it’s unknown why McGowan was crossing it. The bridge was operated remotely and had a warning posted on it that it wasn’t for pedestrian use. Witnesses who watched the bridge lift McGowan into the air called 911. Firefighters showed up at the bridge and used a 24-foot ladder to get the woman down. McGowan was trapped on the bridge for about 20 minutes as she waited to be rescued, reports ABC News.

McGowen may face trespassing charges[2] if the city of Fort Lauderdale chooses to cite her for crossing the bridge.

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