You Can Now Buy a Plant That Grows Tomatoes and Potatoes (at the Same Time!)

by Burke Speaker | October 1, 2013 8:53 am

Looking for something new to add to the garden? A British mail-order company is now selling a plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes in one.

Thompson & Morgan sells the grafted — not genetically engineered — plants in the United Kingdom for some $24 (or 14.99 pounds). The plant grows up to 500 cherry tomatoes and a “good crop” of potatoes, according to the company.

“The TomTato has been trialled for several years and the end result is far superior than anything I could have hoped for,” Paul Hansord, horticultural director at Thompson & Morgan told the Independent[1]. “Trusses full of tomatoes which have a flavor that makes shop tomatoes inedible, as well as, a good hearty crop of potatoes for late in the season.”

The company uses a tomato plant and potato plant, combined in a pot and grown as one.

Check out the video here:

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