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Privacy Settings on Facebook Change Again, Anyone Now Able to Find You

Users you have not blocked can search your name and locate your profile


Described as “finishing the removal of an old search setting,” by Facebook (FB) chief privacy officer Michael Richter, the social media giant is making a significant change to its privacy settings that will allow users you haven’t block to find your profile online.

Users can search your name and locate your profile — something previously that was not possible due to the privacy settings on Facebook that protected users from finding your profile if you so desired.

Not any longer.

The more Google-friendly search breaks down that wall and makes it clear you WILL be found.

The Associated Press reports that “only a single-digit percentage of the nearly 1.2 billion people on its network were using the setting” — at least according to Facebook. But the reason for that low percentage likely has to do with the maze-like process of actually finding that privacy setting in the first place.

The search will better help with advertising and search indexing, with a goodbye to just a little more of your online privacy.

Quite humorously, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg just spent $30 million protecting his own home’s privacy by buying up four adjacent properties. Ah, irony.


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