Samsung Galaxy Round: 6 Facts About World’s First Curved Mobile Screen

by William White | October 9, 2013 9:47 am

Samsung185[1]Samsung (SSNLF[2]) released the world’s first[3] smartphone with a curved screen on Wednesday.

Samsung has released it new smartphone, the Galaxy Round, as it competes with LG and Apple (AAPL[4]) to create new innovations. The Galaxy Round doesn’t come with a load of features, but is instead meant to gauge if customers want smartphones with curved screens. Here are six things to know about the Galaxy Round:

Samsung released its Galaxy Gear smartwatch last month, which has a flat screen. The company hopes that it can use curved screens to release more attractive and wearable devices in the future, reports Reuters.

LG announced earlier this week that it planned to release a smartphone with a curved OLED screen in 2014[5]. Both Samsung and LG have already released curved TV’s[6] that have OLED screens in them.

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