Scentee: Smartphone Gadget Alerts You With Smells

by William White | October 31, 2013 12:44 pm

A Japanese company has developed a smartphone accessory that alerts users with smells[1].

The accessory, called Scentee, is plugged in via a smartphone’s headphone socket and will release a burst of fragrance that it accompanied by an LED light when its companion apps tells it to. The device will launch with over 10 different smells, including rose, mint, cinnamon roll, coffee, apple and coconut. There are also more smells that are planning to be released on Nov. 15. These new smell are called the Korean BBQ collection and include the scents of two different types of meat and a baked potato. Shift, the company behind Scentee, is also working to add more fruit smells as well as the scent of bacon to the device. Scentee is compatible with Apple’s (AAPL[2]) iPhones and devices running Google’s (GOOG[3]) Android operating system. The current model of Scentee will deliver 100 burst of smells per scent capsule. New capsules can be bought online for $5 a piece, reports Engadget.

When Scentee launches on Nov. 15[4] it will cost roughly $36. It can only be ordered through Amazon (AMZN[5]) Japan.

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