Send Money by E-Mail With New Square Cash App

by William White | October 16, 2013 12:32 pm

square mobile banking 630[1]Square, an online payment company, has launched a new, free service[2] that allows users to send money via emails.

The new service is called Square Cash and it doesn’t require users to sign in to any kind of service to send money. Users that want to send money only have to compose an email to Square with the dollar amount to be sent in the subject line. Square will reply with an email asking for a debit card number to fund the money with. The recipient of the money will receive an email from Square that will contain a link to deposit the money into their bank account. The new service is also available through iOS and Android apps. Square claims that it is using secure servers to handle the transactions, reports USA Today.

Once a person has set up their debit card information during their first transaction, all further transactions[3] will take place automatically.

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