Shakira to Help T-Mobile Make ‘Major Announcement’ on Oct 9

by William White | October 7, 2013 10:37 am

T-Mobile deal[1]T-Mobile (TMUS[2]) has enlisted Shakira to help it make a major announcement[3] on Oct. 9.

T-Mobile is planning to unveil “Uncarrier 3.0” on October 9. Uncarrier 3.0 is the third part of the company’s plan to change the wireless industry. The event will be held at Bryant Park in New York and will have Shakira as well as another surprise guest performing . The company is sending out invitations to select customers in the area. The event isn’t expected to last as long as a concert, but it is ticketed. The first two parts of T-Mobile’s plan to change the wireless industry affected other major service providers. These first two parts included removing contracts and allowing customers to purchase phones for lower monthly rates and allowing customers to upgrade their phones twice a year. Other wireless service providers now offer similar plans that follow these changes, reports CNET.

It’s unknown what the new announcement will be about, but T-Mobile is pitching it as “a major industry announcement for T-Mobile.” John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, will be at the event. He is known for being outspoken and for bringing major changes to the wireless industry, reports USA Today[4].

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