Solar Stocks Carve Out Big Bullish Patterns Ahead of Earnings

by Serge Berger | October 30, 2013 2:05 pm

Solar stocks like First Solar (FSLR[1]) and Sunpower (SPWR[2]) are always on traders’ radar. They offer something for many styles of trading.  The stocks tend to trend well over the medium- to long-term, and they offer enough near-term volatility for quicker hitters to make a buck. What’s more, they react well to technical analysis — these stocks are true trader darlings.

Sunpower and First Solar are scheduled to report earnings over the next two days — especially because the stocks have reached important technical levels on the longer-dated charts, this is a good time to take the temperature of these two stocks.

After a big rally off its summer 2012 lows, SPWR recently bumped into an important resistance area dating back to 2009, marking a large rounding bottom on its chart in the process. Through this longer-term lens, given the continued relative strength, odds favor a further push higher over time above the long-term resistance area.

spwr multi year

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On the daily chart, while the stock is displaying a steep slope, it continues to form consolidation areas that look attractive to buy.  Should the stock see some selling after earnings, it would need some time to consolidate before becoming a buy candidate again. If the stock rallies above $34 it could offer further momentum.

spwr daily
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FSLR looks equally attractive on the longer-term chart — it too has worked hard off its summer 2012 bottom. With relative strength on its side, the stock should be able to push past its year-to-date highs and toward the long-term downtrend dating back to late 2008.  The stock is working higher with a good series of higher lows and higher highs that would only be broken should the stock break below its September 2013 lows around the $36 mark.

fslr weekly
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Just like the daily chart of Sunpower, FSLR is showing a bull flag — in its case right below the year-to-date highs.  A break above the resistance line and thus out of the bull flag is bullish on all time-frames, while if the stock sells off some after earnings it must be given time to consolidate before the long side has better odds again.

fslr daily
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