Spirit Airlines Plane Has Mechanical Issue, Fills With Smoke

by Karl Utermohlen | October 17, 2013 12:55 pm

A Spirit Airlines (SAVE[1]) flight scared passengers after a fire threat caused the cabin to fill with smoke as the plane was in the air.

Examiner reports that several passengers[2] were terrified during the flight with one of them saying he saw the engine blow up. However, the captain said that the issue was an “indication of a possible mechanical issue.” No one was hurt on the flight and the pilot was able to land the plane soon after takeoff but some passengers thought they were going to die as they went through this surreal experience.

One passenger texted his wife telling her that the plane was shaking and full of smoke and he wanted to let her know that he loved her and their kids. He added that he saw the engine blow up with “fire and all that” like you see in the movies.

Passengers said that the crew handled the situation in a very professional manner and they managed to calm them down as the plane turned around.

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