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Study: Mole Rat May Hold the Key to Longevity

The animal's amino acids create near-perfect proteins


University of Rochester scientists believe that they have found the reason why mole rats live significantly longer than other rodents.

Science Recorder reports that biologists Vera Gorbunova and Andrei Seluanov found out that the proteins of mole rats could be the reason why these animals live up to 30 years. The scientists examined the ribosome RNA of these creatures and they found that they are more robustly constructed than regular proteins.

Amino acids tend to make mistakes when constructing proteins but scientists found that it is 40% less likely for the protein of mole rats to make these mistakes. This research can be linked to the longevity of these animals by showing that proteins with no aberrations can help a body function more effectively.

Biologists are hoping to use this data to improve protein creation in humans.

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