Tesla and Samsung Talk Teaming Up

by William White | October 4, 2013 9:21 am

Tesla Motors (TSLA[1]) and Samsung Electronics’ (SSNLF[2]) SDI unite, announced on Friday[3], that both companies are in talks to have Samsung supply Tesla with batteries for its cars.

Two sources close to the matter claim that the deal between the two companies is in its final stages. The two claim that there are only some minor details to work out before the deal is complete. The deal is to have Samsung SDI provide Tesla with batteries for its Model X electric car, which is scheduled to come out in 2014. One of the sources close to the talks claims that they are “90 percent complete.” A third source denies that the deal is in its final stage and says that claims that it is are “not accurate.” Tesla currently only gets its batteries from Panasonic (PCRFY[4]) and needs more suppliers for its cars. The two companies are also in talks about a new product that is set to debut in 2017, reports Reuters.

The Tesla Model S was the most registered car[5] in Norway in September. There were 616 Model S’ registered, which accounts for about %5 of all new cars registered in Norway during that month.

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