The New $100 Bill Is Finally Here

by William White | October 7, 2013 11:58 am

The new $100 bill will release on Tuesday[1] after years of delays.

The new $100 bill features several new security features that make it easier for people to authenticate it and harder for counterfeiters to copy it. The new bill has color changing ink that turns from copper to green when it is tilted. This ink can be found on a “100” on the back of the bill, a “100” on the front of the bill and on a inkwell located on the front of the bill. There is also a blue, 3-D security ribbon that runs down the note. Benjiman Franklin will look the same one the new currency as he does the old, but he will no longer be encased in an oval border, reports CNN Money.

The Federal Reserve had to destroy 30 million[2] of the newly-printed $100 bills in August after a printing error left them with too much ink that would move around the note. Some of the new bills could also be worth more than their face value[3] to collectors due to having unique serial numbers.

  1. will release on Tuesday:
  2. 30 million:
  3. more than their face value:

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