The Top 5 Healthiest Places to Retire in the U.S.

These cities are full of fit seniors who have numerous healthy activities to enjoy

By Burke Speaker, Investorplace Writer

Sure, retirement can mean kicking back on the sofa and watching TV with your beverage of choice close by, but chances are after awhile that may just get a bit boring.

And you could start to pack on the pounds in a way that may cause some concern.

From golfing and tennis to more adventurous outdoor activities, many retirees opt to focus on fitness so that they’re able to maintain a healthy life for years to come.

Our list of the Top 5 healthiest places to retire in the United States is compiled using a city’s overall senior fitness level, activities available, and lifestyle for retirees.

Take a look at our picks and see if you agree.

#5: Minneapolis, Minnesota

While Minneapolis — and in fact the entire state — is ranked No. 1 as a healthy place to live and retire, we will drop it to No. 5 on our list simply because of the climate. According to the United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Ranking Senior Report, more older people report being in very good to excellent health in Minnesota than in any other states. Plus there are great outdoor activities and walking trails that make the city great. At the same time, the hard cold winters pull this ranking down in our minds.

#4: Sacramento, California

With near perfect year-round weather, Sacramento also offers great walking and hiking — in fact it’s a small mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Consider  beautiful nature outings at any of the area’s many parks: McKinley Park, Curtis Park, Land Park and East Portal Park.

#3: San Francisco, California

The city has more farmers’ markets per capita than anywhere else — plus the city is known for its great parks and healthy eateries. Senior residents enjoy walking from neighborhood to neighborhood, or down the block for a bite — making its health ranking top notch. With spring-like weather throughout the year — minus July when it gets downright chilly — the city is a great place to settle.

#2: Portland, Oregon

Portland is a health-enthusiast’s dream city — and retirees love it as well. From parks to mountains to boating to golf, there is literally something for everyone here. A short drive from the city is the state-famous Milo McIver State Park, with camping, hiking, horseback riding, on- and off-road biking, fishing and more. We love this city for retirees with the only caveat being the rain, rain, rain.

#1: Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut was ranked the second most healthy state for seniors, and because of its climate and retiree-friendly atmosphere, we’re ranking Hartford No. 1. The city boasts more than 50 public parks and squares that cover more than 27,000 acres. Runners, walkers, joggers, picnic-ers, golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts love the city — with farmers’ markets galore and a thriving retirement community that loves the city’s healthy and tasty restaurants.

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