Top 5 Most Romantic Vacation Spots in the US

by Burke Speaker | October 18, 2013 10:56 am

Looking to reignite the fire in your relationship during your next vacation?

While having access to stunning vistas, great hotels and spas, and of course, great golfing opportunities, too, there are many amazing places in the United States just waiting for your arrival.

These selections are our list of most romantic vacation spots in the US, based on online reader surveys, popular opinion, and of course, some editorial input of our own.

Check them out.

#5: The Classic Seaside Escape

Santa Barbara, California[1]

Dating site Miss Travel ranked this California oceanside destination as one of its best — and it’s not hard to see why.

One of the more affluent areas in the state, Santa Barbara is a city of great food, great lifestyle and a load of luxurious activities to enjoy. From great historical attractions to excellent golf courses — for pairs, of course, this oceanside city is walkable, romantic, and exudes an elegance and sophistication that you’ll find throughout the area. Head to nearby wineries for a real taste of California living.

#4: A True Winter Wonderland

Aspen, Colorado[2]

Snuggle close on a ski lift while ooh-ing and awe-ing at the stunning mountain vistas or warm together in a hot tub overlooking snow-capped mountains and darkening skies. Aspen is a luxe vacation that offers great shopping, amazing restaurants, and a bit of blood-pumping excitement on the town’s many great ski slopes.

#3: Southern Charm

Savannah, Georgia[3]

Draped in Spanish moss and Old World Southern congeniality, Savannah is a lovely city that delights in its charm and mystery. Walk the city easily and see stunning historic homes and gardens galore — stopping at some of the great parks and wine shops along the way.

In the evening, tour the Riverwalk for lively music, seafood and fine dining as you sip your wine and look over the water. Its nearby islands will be a great tour come morning…

#2: The ‘Key’ to Romance

Key West, Florida[4]

Hemingway sure knew what he was doing during his time in Florida’s Key West, a city that is greatly joyous in its love of romance, good food and even better drink. Online reader surveys from travel’s best magazine continually rank Key West one of the top romantic spots for escape.

Watch the sunset and keep  your eyes peeled for the ‘green flash’ as the sun sets over the water. Go scuba diving together or brave the high seas for deep sea fishing tours — beer or wine in hand of course.

#1: Island Paradise

Maui, Hawaii[5]

Ranked high on Travel&Leisure’s most romantic getaways nearly every year, Maui is just about as romantic as you can get. Explore the island by day, indulge in a spa package at any of the islands’s numerous luxury resorts in the afternoon, and go stargazing at night (or visit Kaanapali Beach to watch bioluminescent sea life glow in the dark waters).

Its exotic jungles and stunningly gorgeous beaches cap off what will be the perfect vacation spot to rekindle any romance.

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