Unplayed Keno Ticket Wins Bartender a $17.5K Tip

by Karl Utermohlen | October 7, 2013 12:36 pm

A bartender in Springfield, Oregon was given a lottery ticket as her tip and it ended up paying her quite a bit of money.

ABC News reports that 25-year-old Aurora Kephart[1] was serving one of her regular customers at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge when he tipped her with a Keno ticket. The tip ended up winning her $17,500 which she plans to save up, donate part of it to charity and even give a percentage of her winnings to the man who gave her the ticket.

Kephart said that it is common for her customer — who chose to remain anonymous — to pay her in Keno tickets. She said that she needs to pay some bills and buy a new couch with her money but the humble bartender donated some of the money to benefit a muscular dystrophy charity.

  1. ABC News reports that 25-year-old Aurora Kephart: http://abcnews.go.com/US/oregon-bartender-banks-17500-tip-keno-ticket/story?id=20488269

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