UPS to Hire 55,000 Seasonal Workers

by William White | October 29, 2013 11:53 am

UPS stock[1]United Parcel Services (UPS[2]) is planning to hire 55,000 seasonal workers[3] for the holiday season.

UPS is expecting to see its peak season daily volume increase by 8% this holiday season. This is likely due to the fact that there 26 shopping days available to customers this year, which is six less than last year. The company expects Dec. 16 to be the day it has its most pick-ups. UPS expects to pick up more than 34 million packages on that day. The following day is expected to be the company’s peak day for delivery. UPS expects to deliver more than 29 million packages on Dec. 17. The delivery service also expects to see its pick-ups increase by 10% on Dec. 2, which is Cyber Monday, reports The Las Vegas Sun.

UPS announced that it will launch its new optimal-route tool[4] on Wednesday. The new tool, called Orion, uses an algorithm that consist of 1,000 pages of code to determine the best routes for its drivers to take while delivering packages.

Toys R Us announced in September that it plans to hire 45,000[5] seasonal employees to prepare for the holiday season. Amazon also announced that it plans to hire seasonal workers to help cope with the holiday season. The online retailer plans to hire 70,000[6] seasonal workers for the holiday season.

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