What Jumped Out Of This Jobs Report?

by Zach | October 3, 2013 11:42 am

Automated Data Processing (ADP[1]) handed out the week’s sole monthly update on the U.S. labor market this Wednesday morning.  We don’t get Federal government data this Friday.  ADP’s report has been +30,000 to +40,000 jobs shy of Federal estimates.

ADP’s September private sector employment increased +166,000 jobs. The company’s economists revised down August’s job gain from +176,000 to +159,000.

Top-line job additions reflected pure “Muddle Through” U.S.A. demand.

Inner details in this report were more interesting.

First, small businesses below 50 employees added +74,000 of the +166,000 jobs.  No visible effect is there from Obamacare health insurance costs.

Second, finance shed -4,000 jobs via layoffs seen in the home mortgage sector.  There has been softness, or overreach, in home finance markets.  But construction added +16,000 jobs.  Building activity is healthy.

Third, services made up +147,000 of the +166,000 jobs.   It’s a service-driven recovery.

Fourth, trade/transport/utilities handed in the biggest sector gain, at +54,000. It’s the most globally exposed sector.

My RTI Question:  Of These Four Details, Which Do You Think Is MOST Interesting?
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