Will Ferrell Shot 70 Ads as Ron Burgundy for Chyrsler’s Dodge Durango

by Burke Speaker | October 8, 2013 9:27 am

Expect hilarity to ensue as Chrysler rolls out 70 different advertisements that Will Ferrell shot as Ron Burgundy, hawking the Dodge Durango.

Chyrsler, now controlled by Italy’s Fiat (FIATY[1]), revealed four ads[2] already with Anchorman character Ron Burgundy selling the vehicle.

The others will be online viral ads, Vines, skits and other more racy clips that’ll never appear on TV.

The promos will help both sell the vehicle and remind people of Ferrell’s Anchorman 2, which is set to appear in theaters.

In one spot, which will never be shown on TV, Ferrell’s character gets a little too sexual:

“When you’re driving the new Dodge Durango, it isn’t about the nappa leather seats or the seven-passenger seating. No, the real question is: Does it make your dingle jingle? Or does it make your dingle tingle? Does it handbag the grocers? Does it give you the ol’ sticky beak? No, I’m asking you as a a man, does it make your pee-pee go boom?”

Durango has become all the more important to the Dodge and Chrysler brand, and in recent years advertising for the SUV has been lax. Now, all that is about to change.

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