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2 Skydiving Planes Collide Midair, All Passengers Survive

One of the planes was flown to an airport


Two skydiving planes collided midair near Lake Superior on Saturday.

The first plane was carrying four skydivers and the pilot. It was hit when the plane following it, which was carrying five skydivers and a pilot, came down on top of it. All of the skydivers were able to make it out of the planes with only minor injuries. They were able to move themselves away from the area that had falling debris from the second plane. The pilot of the second plane used an emergency parachute to escape and landed with only minor injuries that had to have medical attention. The pilot of the first plane flew the damaged aircraft to Richard I. Bong Airport, which is where it had taken off from, and landed it safely. All of the skydivers involved in the collision were coaches and instructors that had anywhere from hundreds to thousands of successful jumps. It is currently unknown why the second plane crashed into the first one, reports the Associated Press.

“It’s definitely a reminder of the danger of the sport that we all love,” Mike Robinson, and instructor from Skydive Superior that was on one of the planes when they collided, told CNN.

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